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Niska Banja nowadays

Thanks to its infrastructure and medical thermal waters, Niska Banja is one of the most important tourist potentials in Serbia nowadays. Niska Banja is well-known by its thermo-mineral waters and mineral peloid even outside the borders of Serbia.

Niska Banja attracts the visitors from all parts of Serbia as well as from the other countries because of its medical factors such as a mild, humid continental climate that is marked by pleasant summers and mild winters (in medical sense, it belongs to a calming climate type), mineral mud, thermo-mineral waters, beautiful vegetation, well-arranged park that extends to 5 ha and many other facilities.

Medical waters are used for drinking and bath, and there are five mineral springs:

  • Glavno vrelo“ - oko 38C
  • „Suva Banja“ -  12 - 37C
  • „Skolska cesma“ 17 - 19C
  • "Banjica"
  • „Pasjaca“

Beside these medical waters, medical muds (peloid) from rare, radioactive tufa, that can be found in this spa, are used for therapy, as well as radioactive gas radon by which this spa is well-known.

Niška Banja is thougt to heal locomotor apparatus deseases, kardiovascular deseases,  miokard revaskularization postoperative states, rehabilitation after joint and knee replacement with a prosthesis, posttraumatic states, states after central and lateral motor neuron damage, inflammatory and functional sterility.

The Insitute “Niska Banja” is a complex that consists of “Radon” rehabilitation center, “Zelengora” rehabilitation center, “Terme” rehabilitation center and baths. The institute is equipped with a modern medical devices for diagnosis and treatments in the non-invasive cardiac diagnostic fields, reumatology and orthopedic surgery.


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