Niska Banja (Spa of Nis) is one of the most healing spas in Serbia. Except medical treatment capacity, Niska Banja offers a lot of rest and recreative facilities. Thanks to its medical properties, beautiful vegetation and mild humid continental climate, Niska Banja stands for one of the most attractive natural spas and resorts in Serbia.



Niska Banja through the history

The history of Niska Banja is really impressive. There are the archeological evidences that prove the existence of a settlement in the area of Niska Banja in the ancient times as well as some traces of a settlement from the Bronze and Iron Age. Niska Banja progressed especially in the Roman period ( 2nd century BC, during the rule of emperor Hadrian). The first Roman baths were built at that time and since then it is known as health resort – spa. In the Ottoman period, Niska Banja was also one of the well-known health centers in this part of Europe, and Turks built several “khans“ – the roadside inns where travellers could rest and recover from the day’s journey.


Niska BanjaEven Serbian rulers enjoyed the benefits of Niska Banja. The Obrenovic family had their own cottage, and the last royal couple of the dynasty, the king Aleksandar Obrenovic and the queen Draga Masin, had their own bench for rest in a peaceful greenness of Niska Banja. Water from the well-known fountain “Skolska cesma“ was used for medical treatment by initially the prince regent and eventually the king, Aleksandar I Karadjordjevic. He used to reside in villa “Jela”, which is today called “Kraljevska Vila” (Royal Villa). In fact, this villa was a property of Jovan Todorovic, then court-lawyer. The inhabitants loved the king Aleksandar and were fascinated by his natural behavour. The king used to walk alone without security, talk with the inhabitants, visit the local hosts... The news of his tragical death in Marseilles were very painful for the people of Niska Banja.


The villas which left from that period ( Villa “Teokarevic”, Villa “Zone” of Dragisa Cvetkovic, Villa “Jela”, villa of contemporary owner of clothing factory “Nitex”, and many others speak a lot about the significance of Niska Banja before the World War II, as well as the evidence that there were many large structures built in a few years and are still working and significant for Niska Banja. From 1932 to 1935 there were built the hotel “Srbija”, “Zelengora” rehabilitation center and the hotel “Partizan”. In that time Niska Banja started to develop following the example of contemporary mundane European spas and it was an attraction for politicians, rich merchants, factory owners, guests, as well as investors who were building their own villas and pansions, bringing a pre-war European spirit to Niska Banja.


Niska Banja


A new era for Niska Banja and then establishment, but present the Institute “Niska Banja”, began in 1974 with building of “Radon” rehabilitation center. After that Niska Banja got a rehabilitation center of a huge capacity, equipped with brand new advanced devices, modern and indoor circulating pool with hot water. A lot of high educated experts generations have passed and still are passing through “Radon”.


Niska Banja

The next very important year for developing of Niska Banja and the Insitute “Niska Banja” is 1981. This was a year that the three pre-war villas, including villa “Zone” (initially owned by a prime minister of Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Dragisa Cvetkovic), were basically adapted and “Terme” rehabilitation center was built, which represents one of the symbols of Niska Banja.  



Niska Banja nowadays

Niska Banja is one of the most important tourist potentials in Serbia nowadays, thanks to its infrastructure and medical thermal waters. Niska Banja is well-known by its thermo-mineral waters and mineral peloid even outside the borders of Serbia. Niska Banja attracts the visitors from all parts of Serbia as well as from the other countries because of its medical factors such as a mild, humid continental climate that is marked by pleasant summers and mild winters (in medical sense, it belongs to a calming climate type), mineral mud, thermo-mineral waters, beautiful vegetation, well-arranged park that extends to 5 ha and many other facilities..


Medical waters are used for drinking and bath, and there are five mineral springs:                          

  • Glavno vrelo“ - oko 38C
  • „Suva Banja“ -  12 - 37C
  • „Školska česma“ 17 - 19C
  • „Banjica“
  • „Pasjača“


Beside these medical waters, medical muds (peloid) from rare, radioactive tufa, that can be found in this spa, are used for therapy, as well as radioactive gas radon by which this spa is well-known.

Niška Banja is thougt to heal locomotor apparatus deseases, kardiovascular deseases, miokard revaskularization postoperative states, rehabilitation after joint and knee replacement with a prosthesis, posttraumatic states, states after central and lateral motor neuron damage, inflammatory and functional sterility.

The Insitute “Niska Banja” is a complex that consists of “Radon” rehabilitation center, “Zelengora” rehabilitation center, “Terme” rehabilitation center and baths. The institute is equipped with a modern medical devices for diagnosis and treatments in the non-invasive cardiac diagnostic fields, reumatology and orthopedic surgery.




Niska Banja facilities

Beside medical, Niska Banja offers many other facilities as well.


Wellness center

Niska BanjaThere is a modern wellness center “Sense” in “Radon” rehabilitation center, which provides a remedial action of thermo mineral water and a massage in a wonderful environment with intoxicating fragrance, candle flame, rose petals and refreshers. Wellness center interior is completely new and made by the highest international wellness standards. There are anti-age, antistress, happy weekend and packages filled with anti-cellulit massages, jacuzzi with thermal water, aromatic baths, Finnish and vibro sauna and cosmetic treatments with natural drinks from Vita bar.


Congress tourism

Niska Banja



The Institute “Niska Banja” organizes Congress tourism and has an amphitheater with modern technical equipment up to 300 seats, a plenum hall with up to 60 seats and restaurants and catering salons with distinctive national cuisine.


Sports and recreations facilities

Niska Banja


Beside recreation and sanatorium, tourist and conference tourism facilities, Niska Banja has special conditions for the realization of sports tourism. There are tennis courts, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, handball and football, paragliding (Albatros club), racetrack with recreational riding in the indoor and outdoor, bowling-alley…




Niska Banja is situated in the southeastern part of Serbia, at the bottom of Koritnik Hill (808 m) which is a branch line of Suva Planina Mountain (1870 m), about 9 kilometers from Niš which is connected to Niska Banja by highway to Sofia (Bulgaria) and Turkey. The altitude of this spa is 248 m and it is 250 kilometers away from Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia.